Out of Reach | Learn English through conversation

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Out of Reach | Learn English through conversation

Sarah wanted to talk to Adam, but could not reach him.

Answer these questions about the interview.
1) What was he doing at 3?
a) Sleeping
b) Playing soccer
c) Working

2) What was he doing at 5?
a) Playing soccer
b) Riding the train
c) Shopping

3) Why did he not get the message?
a) He was working
b) His phone was dead
c) He was sleeping

4) What happened as he was leaving the train?
a) He met a friend
b) He dropped his phone
c) He was looking at his phone
The video has three parts:
Part I: Conversation without Subtitles
Let listen without Subtitles and try to write down what you are listening to as much as possible.
Part II: Conversation with English Subtitles
Let listen and read the subtitles at the same time to check.
Part III: Conversation with English and Vietnamese Subtitles
Listen & Repeat to improve your listening & speaking skills at the same time.
– Listen & read to improve your listening skill and enrich your vocabulary.
– Listen and repeat to improve your speaking skill.
– Listen in Background (while sleeping or while working)
Practice makes perfect! Listen every day, everywhere!
Learn English through Conversation Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCZlFn2CfAj_IWedBay7g_VA
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Out of Reach | Learn English through conversation

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