24 thoughts on “Sister Love by John Escott

  1. jagjeet kaur says:

    Marcia should not hit her sister because she had a good and soft nature. Why didn't do this Her sister and Howard ? At least Haward should not do this because he had loved Marcia.So Marcia should leave them. Perhaps Marcia got good person better than Howard in her life.

  2. Balraj malar says:

    Thank u so much mam because I know read well english but I confused pronunciation ,I saw more channel they are reading fast I did not understand but u read slowly I can understand how read grammatical rule 🙏

  3. catalina gonzalez says:

    Another high-quality story. A great way to improve listening. Even though it says it's Level Anyone at a higher level, can benefit from listening to it. It could be very well be used for discussion so the writing or the speaking skills can be improved. Thank you for sharing them to us.

  4. bright star says:

    Wow that's a very interesting story. I don't understand why Marcie needed to kill her sister for. Killing is not a solution at all. This makes her a killer. She should just walk away from that cheater man. Not worsted to lose your family over a cheater.

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