Swim or Die🍀 Learn English through story level 5

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About the story

Learn English through the story “Swim or Die”
English story level 5
Audiobook with subtitles

About the story:
The story is about a holiday of Eddie and his wife on a luxury cruise ship. They spent an amazing time on the ship before something terrible happened…

Please use the timestamps to follow chapters:
0:00:00 Chapter 1: On board the Parvina
0:09:00 Chapter 2: Argument with Dominic
0:15:30 Chapter 3: Someone from the past
0:24:15 Chapter 4: After the argument
0:33:32 Chapter 5: Eddie’s dream
0:40:57 Chapter 6: Another bad meeting
0:52:30 Chapter 7: An encounter in Barbados
1:00:44 Chapter 8: Eddie’s departure
1:09:22 Chapter 9: The fight
1:25:57 Chapter 10: Sinking not swimming
1:33:53 Chapter 11: After the fight
1:39:26 Chapter 12: Lynn and Eddie argue
1:47:17 Chapter 13: The search
1:56:02 Chapter 14: Swimming not sinking
2:04:00 Chapter 15: Revelations
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