The Beatles by Paul Shipton

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  1. EnOn - English Online says:

    0:00 The End of a Dream

    1:45 Early Days

    5:50 From Liverpool to Hamburg

    10:16 In The Cavern

    14:19 On Their Way!

    17:57 Beatlemania

    20:38 'America was ours!'

    24:24 Up and Up

    28:00 'Here to stay'

    29:20 The King and the Queen

    31:37 Rubber Soul

    33:49 Beatles go home!'

    36:05 The Sound of the Future

    38:18 Burning Records

    39:58 The End of Touring

    44:30 The Most Famous Album in the World

    48:06 Life and Death

    50:44 On the Bus

    54:33 A New Album and a New Love

    58:43 An Unhappy Film and Two Weddings

    1:02:32 The Last Album

    1:06:31 Differences of Opinion

    1:07:53 Life After the Beatles

    1:14:05 At the Top Again

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