The Famous Diamond 🍀 Learn English through story level 3

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Learn English through the story “The Famous Diamond”
English story level 3
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The main character of the story is Sir Thomas. He started his career in India. He did some secret favor for Rajar of Kashgar. In acknowledgment, Rajah presented Thomas with a valuable thing – his famous diamond. In his homeland, this English soldier became one of the most richest and famous people. After returning to England he married a rich noblewoman. Harry Hartley was a sixteen-year-old orphan who worked as a private secretary for Sir Thomas. This work was no pleasure. His master was a difficult person. He always shouted and was angry with Harry. Unlike Sir Thomas, his wife Lady Vandeleur was kind and friendly. The young servant often carried out many different private errands for her. Unfortunately, the next errand led Harry to bad consequences.

Please use the timestamps to follow chapters:
0:00 CHAPTER 1: Lady Vandeleur’s Hatbox
8:39 CHAPTER 2: A Surprise in the Garden
14:21 CHAPTER 3: The Prince and the Diamond Hunter
20:48 CHAPTER 4: Partners in Crime
25:55 CHAPTER 5: A Mysterious Benefactor
32:01 CHAPTER 6: A Shocking Night
38:48 CHAPTER 7: A Prince to the Rescue
43:39 CHAPTER 8: A River Saves the Day!

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