The Good Peasant’s Son 🍀 Learn English through story level 5

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Learn English through the story “The Good Peasant’s Son”
English story level 5
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This is a story of a poor farmer, who died and left his wife and son alone with two hundred roubles. The son went to the city to buy products, but he bought a dog and a cat instead. His mother was very disappointed and turned him away from home. So Martin went to look for a job. On the fifth day, he found a job in the church. In two years he was given a bag of sand. He went to the forest and found the girl tied to the tree near the fire. He took his bag of sand and threw it and the fire went away. This girl gave him a magic ring. So, all his dreams came true. Once he married the czar’s daughter and she found out that it was a magic ring and stole it. Then he went to look for his ring. The cat and the dog found his ring. They lived long and happily.

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27 thoughts on “The Good Peasant’s Son 🍀 Learn English through story level 5

  1. BOY Rachmaninofia says:

    If the Czar Prime Minister suggestion the second gift was just a car, a Tesla to received the bride from the groom hut back to the Czar palace, then there was no way the 12 men could do anything but stood idle!

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