The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

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42 thoughts on “The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

  1. jim chavez espinoza says:

    this history show us that at the end the love always  win , and is a powerful shield againt the evil , like Shylock who wanted kill to Basanio but their friends didnt let him do it . if anyone want speak and practice english my wasap number is 51 946569796

  2. light says:

    Is Shakespeare overrated? Yes, he is! A childish story that sounds like a fairytale, however it says a lot about the treatment of the Jews in Europe. You realize that such stories gave legitimacy to label Jewish people as immoral, bloodthirsty, profit oriented, and Christian haters.

  3. Tracesprite says:

    People have criticised Shylock for wanting a pound of flesh. They thought it proved that Jewish people were harsh and penny pinching. However the cruel punishment that the court gave to Shylock was like a living death. He was a destroyed man, alive in word but scarcely in reality. The Christians also demanded their pound of flesh but in a different way. It shows how none of us should feel superior to anyone else. We are all fallible people.

  4. Tracesprite says:

    Antonio can be generous because he's not Jewish. In those days, Jewish people were discriminated against. They couldn't get jobs so they had to lend money which was a job Christians didn't usually want to do. However Jews needed to make money to live so they had to charge interest. This made them unpopular.

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