The President’s Assassination πŸ€ Learn English through story level 1

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Learn English through the story “The President’s Assassination”
English story level 1
Audiobook with subtitles

This book is a wonderful story about people that have political power. The book describes the character Alex Dino as a great man, he is smart and clever, so he understands the situation and he assumes with coldness. He keeps the police in suspense. He knows that he will die soon, but he didn’t have an alternative because the chief of police knows and it seems the chief of the military knows.

Timestamps to follow chapters:
00:00:02 Chapter 01: The First Day
00:12:26 Chapter 02: The Second Day
00:23:09 Chapter 03: The Third Day
00:34:35 Chapter 04: The Fourth Day
00:44:46 Chapter 05: The Fifth Day
00:57:19 Chapter 06: The Sixth Day

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9 thoughts on “The President’s Assassination πŸ€ Learn English through story level 1

  1. Hai Zhang says:

    It’s a very good story! I’m really enjoy to listen. The story describes the trees that like people, it’s interesting. I like. Thank you for making a wonderful program.

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