The Suspect 🍀 Learn English through story level 4

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Learn English through the story “The Suspect”
English story level 4
Audiobook with subtitles

When a prostitute is found murdered in her bedsit, the Metropolitan police set to work finding the perpetrator of this brutal attack. DNA samples lead them straight to George Marlow, a man previously convicted of attempted rape. The police think they’ve found their man, but things are not quite what they seem. . .

Please use the timestamps to follow chapters:
0:00:00 Chapter 1
0:12:17 Chapter 2
0:19:29 Chapter 3
0:39:13 Chapter 4
0:49:51 Chapter 5
1:06:09 Chapter 6
1:11:59 Chapter 7
1:28:17 Chapter 8
1:41:05 Chapter 9
1:55:50 Chapter 10
2:18:29 Chapter 11
Learning English while listening to the stories with subtitles is very enjoyable and effective. Keeping listening to the story every day will help to improve your English pronunciation and listening skills.
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