Waiting from the Moon πŸ€ Learn English through story level 1

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About the story

Learn English through the story “Waiting from the Moon”.
English story level 1
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About the story:
This is a short story written by Rowena Akinyemi. It is the year 2522, and the planet Earth is passing on. The Artificial Ozone Layer is just 300 years of age, yet it is separating quick. Presently the sun is torching Earth with a white fire. There is no water. Without water, nothing can live. Trees bite the dust, plants pass on, creatures pass on, and individuals kick the bucket . ..

In a settlement under the moon, individuals hang tight for news – news from home, news from the planet Earth. Also in a spaceship high above Earth, a youngster watches numbers on a PC screen. The numbers recount a story, and the youngster is apprehensive. The planet Earth is consuming, consuming, consuming . . .

Timestamps to follow chapters:
0:00:00 Chapter 1: AOL
0:07:43 Chapter 2: Visit to Australia
0:15:42 Chapter 3: Earth Commander
0:25:11 Chapter 4: Prison 888
0:34:28 Chapter 5: Forest fires
0:44:11 Chapter 6: Spaceship to the Moon

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