40 thoughts on “Within High Fences by Penny Hancock

  1. EnOn - English Online says:

    Chapters (15)

    Chapter I – 00:00:00 (04 mins)

    Chapter II – 00:03:12 (07 mins)

    Chapter III – 00:10:09 (07 mins)

    Chapter IV – 00:17:02 (09 mins)

    Chapter V – 00:25:49 (05 mins)

    Chapter VI – 00:30:14 (03 mins)

    Chapter VII – 00:32:26 (03 mins)

    Chapter VIII – 00:34:30 (05 mins)

    Chapter IX – 00:39:16 (04 mins)

    Chapter X – 00:42:46 (06 mins)

    Chapter XI – 00:48:00 (05 mins)

    Chapter XII – 00:52:37 (03 mins)

    Chapter XIII – 00:55:32 (05 mins)

    Chapter XIV – 01:00:11 (07 mins)

    Chapter XV – 01:06:39 (09 mins)

  2. Sapna 1 says:

    I really loved the story I have been through something like this, but the guy wasn't rich he used to enjoy on my money and stopped me doing anything I wanted eventhough making friends with girls he tried every bit piece of thing to stop me , he also thought I can't survive without him,as he drank so much and went to meet other girls on my money also ,beaten me up sometimes😢 ,also I never could speak openly, but finally God sent me an angel into my life who loves me unconditionally ,respects my feelings ,motivates me to do anything I want and the most important this is that he never judge me and now I am studying what I always wanted and he supports me so much. I am always thankful to God for his blessings upon me, as I am so always happy, greatful. 😇😍❤🤗

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