Learn English through story 🍀 level 1 🍀 An Ugly Man

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About the story

Learn English through the story “An Ugly Man”
English story level 1
Audiobook with subtitles

Timestamps to follow chapters:
CHAPTER 1: 00:00
CHAPTER 2: 09:15
CHAPTER 3: 16:10
CHAPTER 4: 21:15
CHAPTER 5: 27:30
CHAPTER 6: 38:30
CHAPTER 7: 47:05
🍀 Learning English while listening to stories with subtitles is very enjoyable and effective. Listening to the story daily will help improve your English pronunciation and listening skills.
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10 thoughts on “Learn English through story 🍀 level 1 🍀 An Ugly Man

  1. وتَيـنِ سـُامثَـان🌪️🌬️. says:

    I feel sorry 😔 for Joseph , He was a kind man ♂️ l felt happy when he was improving , and when he read a lot of books , 📚 I wished if he became best , but unfortuntely he died , I influenced about his sad story literally , but I was enjoying when I listened this story , you deserve support because you show for us like this stories 💞🙏❣️❤️💝 keep going obviously in your channel 🙏⁉️💗💓💖.

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